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    High-spec chronograph inspired by motorsports

    Posted on June 04 2020

    High-spec chronograph inspired by motorsports
    Introducing the latest Edifice ECB10 equipped with Bluetooth smartphone link function.


    Professional power tools are
    the inspiration for this octagonal design.

    Design Inspired
    by Motorsports
    Features a octagonal bezel inspired by
    the designs of professional tools.
    The inset dial ring and other elements
    are accented in color motifs
    that evoke a race-car engine.
    The face has horizontal lines
    that create the impression
    of a racing car streaking
    around a track at high speeds.
    Forged stainless steel
    in a solid and
    powerful shape.
    Made of soft urethane,
    the band delivers
    both durability and


     They are now available in e-boutique