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“Unique”. A word rarely thrown around, especially in today’s fast-moving world where everything moulds to blend in.

TWO aims to challenge that, with the introduction of the Project A. Built to go against the grain, the Project A is a stylish watch that on the surface may look like any conventional diver.

However, upon closer inspection, it houses a number of details that promote a sense of individuality for the wearer.

The dial is jet black, and features raised silver markers and hands as a means of contrast against it. Instead of the typical printed logo that many brands opt for, TWO has a raised silver logo, void of any text. This gives the watch a minimalistic and mysterious feel about it, and plays to TWO’s theme of not having to follow the crowd to look good.

The minute and hour hands are reflective silver as well, providing contrast against the matte black dial, especially under light. The second hand is shaped thin and sharp, similar to an arrow. This represents that even though the Project A is designed to promote individualism, it does not sacrifice form for function, and that it is a capable and reliable timepiece.

On the stainless-steel bezel, small black printed numbers serve as additional time markers. Those who pay attention to detail will notice that the numbers’ positions are inverted, when compared to a conventional watch.

Instead of the number 1 coming after 12, 11 comes in this case. This is a representation of TWO’s main message, which says that time is perpetually limited, so instead of trying to constantly fit in with everyone else, people should be trying to “Pursue You”.

This is further emphasised by the lines marking 12 minute intervals in between the hours 9 to 12, which symbolise a countdown to the next noon or midnight.

The Project A fits nicely on the wrist, and has enough weight to provide a sense of security but not feel uncomfortably heavy.

The crown functions through a screw-down mechanism, and etched on the side is the TWO logo which adds an accent to an otherwise usually plain component.

The clasp is sturdy and easy to open, and the TWO logo is also lightly etched onto the smaller buckle. The stainless-steel strap is built to last, and feels sturdy and well-constructed.

Now more than ever, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find an individualistic identity. Let TWO help you with that. With this watch, take the first step in breaking the status quo, and only then can you “Pursue You”.

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