Very High Precision

Longines boasts the VHP, maybe the most accurate watch.

With an error of +/- 5 seconds per year, the name 'Very High Precision' speaks for itself. The VHP comes in the carbon fibre dial, blue dial and the white dial. An interesting function that is included in the VHP is the 'gear position detection' system. The 'gear position detection' system realigns the hands of the watch should they be displaced by shock or a strong magnetic field. 

It also has a “smart crown,” which allow you to move the hour hand precisely in hours (just give it flick in one direction), making it convenient for you when you're travelling between time zones.

The standard 3 hands VHP are 41mm & 43mm in diameter & the chronograph VHP 42mm & 44mm in diameter. 


The VHP offers a typical 5 year battery life & a 50m water resistance. It has a very versatile look and we recommend going for the chronograph if you're looking for something more sporty.  

RRP: SGD$2460 (Chronograph), SGD$1510