Best diving watches 2021 from Japanese watchmakers


The PROSPEX series have been receiving a lot of attention not just through the quality made and aesthetic look of the watch. Heritage is one of the key factors why PROSPEX is popular among watch enthusiasts today.

SEIKO’s first diver’s watch, the famous 62MAS has been the inspiration of multiple reissues for the brand. Here we present SPB143J1.

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With the great inspiration from 62MAS, SPB143J1 can pull off a modern look as compared to its predecessors. As you can see.  

Beneath the caseback, it has equipped with the well-known Calibre 6R35 movement. Comes with 70 hours power reserve and beats at 3Hz featuring a stop seconds function.

Retail price at $1819SGD


PROMASTER Fugu is not a new watch collection in recent years. In fact, the first iteration of this gorgeous watch came in 1989 with the PROMASTER NY004. Why Fugu? Due to its unique bezel design that looks like a bottle cap, it alternates between a smooth and ridged surface for easier grip and operate underwater. This design reminds of the body of a pufferfish.

Presenting the best of price diver lume watch. NY0119-19X

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This lume is said to be three times brighter than the NY008 version. Cased with 8203 movement. Powered with 45hours.

Watch is modestly priced mechanical dive watch.

Retail price of the watch is going at $631.30 SGD


Guess many should know the shock resistance and durability of what a G-SHOCK can provide. But do you know G-SHOCK has a series from MASTER OF G collection solely for divers? Frogman.

Presenting the composite band GWF-A1000XC is the latest addition to the GWF-A1000 Series, the first analog model for the FROGMAN Series of G-SHOCK MASTER OF G ISO 200m diver-level water-resistant watches.

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This model is the first of the FROGMAN lineup to come with a composite band with an extension mechanism on the buckle that allows it to be easily worn over a wet suit while diving. During normal wear, the mechanism can be folded up for a normal-length band.
The band of the GWF-A1000XC is made using carbon-reinforced resin, making the bands both strong and lightweight.

Retail price at $1859SGD