The Citizen Asia Limited series
The original NY004 series of watches has long been a fan favourite since it was introduced in 1989, with many who have owned them, appreciative of the robust build quality and the diver level water resistance of 200 metres that it offered, despite its relative affordability.
Over the years, the design of the watch has inspired fans to nickname it the “Fugu”, or “puffer-fish” in Japanese, due to the shape of the bezel, which was initially designed with sharp edges to give the user a positive grip when turning it under wet conditions.
In appreciation to the fans, Citizen released the NY008 series last year that kept everything that was loved about the original, but with an updated dial design, and most importantly, the new “Fugu” graphic engraved on the caseback.
Citizen followed up this release with the NY009 series this year, coming with a range of new colours as well as on a stainless steel bracelet.
White Dial
Diver’s watches have traditionally come with a black dial in order to provide contrast against the typical white indices and hands for enhanced legibility underwater. Even in the case of the dials from the NY008 and NY009 series, all are black except the green dial in the S.E.A Limited Edition (NY0099-81X) and the blue dial in the (NY0096-12L).
In this regard, white dials are relatively uncommon in diving watches and also uncommon for a Promaster watch, which is what makes this release particularly unique. The performance qualities of this new dual colour as well do not compromise the legibility of the watch underwater.
In combination with the white dial is the red bezel, which incidentally is the same shade of red that has been used in the Promaster logo since it was introduced 30 years ago.
This new watch, the (NY0097-87A) comes in a Limited Edition series of 888 pieces and will be available in the territories of Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Thailand.
Retail Price : $633.40
Limited Number : 888pcs
ETA : End November 2019