A legendary victory, revisited in collaboration with Honda Racing

The year is 1961, and the motor racing world eagerly anticipates Hockenheim, where the best motorcycle riders came from across the world to take part in the Grand Prix. An up-and-coming superstar, Kunimitsu Takahashi, will be the first ever Japanese racer to win a World Championship.
The thrill. The excitement over this historic feat.

Honda remembers this, and now, in 2021, they have collaborated with EDIFICE to immortalise this legendary moment in the form of a watch. The EQS-930HR is modelled after the very same RC162 Takahashi rode, and pays homage to it with a unique bezel and dial, coloured and finished to resemble parts of the original motorcycle.

The dial also features three inner complications designed to resemble the dashboard of a motorcycle, representing the tachometer, speedometer, and fuel tank. The watch is also fitted with a genuine leather strap, lined with a series of bumps recalling the racing suit Takahashi wore, and an attached fabric label and band loop featuring the Honda logo, reminding the wearer of the heritage and legacy the brand holds.

The watch, while stylish, does not lack in practicality. A 1-second stopwatch, battery indicator, date display, and solar cells ensure this watch is always ready when you are.

A renowned bike with 60 years of history behind it, now available wrapped around your wrist. A must-have for any motorsports fan.

Exclusive to Vincent Watch Tampines Mall in Singapore.

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