Slimmest G-SHOCK G-STEEL series yet

G-SHOCK watches have always being known for toughness and durability. What about their steel case series G-Steel? Let's find out more. 

Apart from the norm, the resin version. G-SHOCK watches always have this slight higher tier with not just tough but it also got the looks. Now with the latest model, GST-B500, an innovative design made possible by a thin module cased in a carbon core guard structure. With G-SHOCK watches latest technology, GST-B500 is able to downsize it's components and high-density mounting technology, which significantly reduce the thickness to 12.8mm without sacrificing the core values of G-SHOCK watches. Keeping the daily driver functions intact, such as Bluetooth function, tough solar, and so on.

Also to highlight on the lightness of the watch, GST-B500 is using the latest carbon core guard structure, which has a carbon-fiber-reinforced resin case to protect the module, which makes this latest GST-B500 the lightest model in the G-STEEL series ever built.

The solidly sophisticated designs of these models go well with a variety of different fashions and styles. The bezel's surfaces have got different finishes, which creates an elegant effect and changes the appearance of the texture of the metal depending on the viewing angle. There are 3 main color cases to choose from, silver, black or gold. 

Coming to the functions on what this latest G-STEEL can do for the users, timekeeping features include automatic time adjustment, and when paired with a smartphone installed with the dedicated app called CASIO WATCHES. This G-STEEL can be set world time from 38 cities. One of the most outstanding features worth mentioning would be the reminder setting fuction that helps users keep track of upcoming events set in the app, as well as, a high-brightness double LED light that maintains watch readability in the dark. 

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Images credit to G-SHOCK website