Comes with adapter
Product Size: 10.00(W) x 12.50(D) x 11.50(H)cm
Product Description
  1. 1 x Power Switch.
  2. 3 x TPD Settings: I: 672, II: 960 & III: 1,248
  3. 3 x Winding Mode: *Clockwise, *Automatic Bidirectional & *Counterclockwise 
  4. Individual LED Light: On/Off Indicator.
  5. Front Panel: Carbon Fiber Color.
  6. Light Sensor controls the accuracy of TPD & Rotating Position.
  7. Multiple Conductivity Feature.
  8. Motor: MABUCHI made with improved Belt Driving System, silent and long lasting. 
  9. Only 1 x AC/DC Adaptor Required (3.3V). 
  10. Conditions: With BOXY LOGO. 
  11. If this is your 1st BRICK WATCH WINDER, please purchase a Full Package which includes 1 x AC/DC Adaptor for use with the WINDER. 


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