CITIZEN Series 8 now available

A mechanical watch for the way we live now.

Simple. Contemporary. Stripped down. Unpretentious.
The Series 8 debuted in Japan in 2008.
Now CITIZEN is relaunching Series 8 for a global audience.
This new mechanical watch combines a strong, elegant design
with practical features crafted for today’s lifestyle.
The 8 evokes the infinite (∞) possibilities of CITIZEN craftmanship
and the never-ending bond between watch and wearer.

Automatic movement with enhanced magnetic resistance.

Series 8 watches use two types of automatic mechanical movements – the Cal. 0950 (870 and 830 models) and the Cal. 9051 (831 model), providing enhanced magnetic resistance with a significantly thinner movement.
The Cal. 0950 movement in the 870 model features a maximum running time of 50 hours as well as accuracy of -5 to +10 seconds per day.
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