Difference between "TRAVELLER" GMT vs "OFFICE" GMT

"GMT watch" typically refers to a watch with a GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) complication, which is a feature that allows the wearer to track multiple time zones simultaneously. Let's delve into the difference between a "true GMT watch" and an "office GMT watch":

  1. True GMT Watch:
    • Independent GMT Hand: A true GMT watch has a dedicated hand on the dial that points to the 24-hour scale, allowing you to track a second time zone independently. This hand makes one full rotation every 24 hours.
    • Quickset Function: Some true GMT watches have a quickset function that allows you to adjust the GMT hand independently, making it convenient to change the displayed time zone without affecting the main timekeeping.

  1. Office GMT Watch:
    • Adjustable 24-Hour Bezel or Scale: An "office GMT watch" might refer to a watch that allows you to track a second time zone using a 24-hour bezel or scale on the dial. This is often more rudimentary compared to a true GMT watch but can serve the purpose.
    • Not Independent GMT Hand: Unlike a true GMT watch, an office GMT watch may not have a separate hand for the second time zone. Instead, you might align the 24-hour scale with the main hour hand to indicate a different time zone.

How to Adjust a GMT Watch:

Pull Out the Crown:

    • For watches with an independent GMT hand, pulling out the crown to the first position allows you to adjust the local time without affecting the GMT hand.
Rotate the Bezel or Adjust the GMT Hand:
    • For watches with a 24-hour bezel or an independent GMT hand, rotate the bezel or adjust the GMT hand to align with the desired second time zone.
Use Quickset Functions (if available):
      • Some GMT watches have quickset functions that allow you to rapidly adjust the GMT hand in one-hour increments.
    Refer to the Manual:
        • It's essential to consult the watch's manual for specific instructions as different GMT watches may have unique features and adjustments.

      Adjusting a GMT watch is a straightforward process once you understand the specific features of your watch. Remember to consider whether your watch is a true GMT with an independent hand or an office GMT with other methods for tracking a second time zone.