Innovative toughness with advanced technologies across every aspect, from materials and construction to features and design.

15% lighter than the predecessor model

The new MTG-B2000 models are part of the MT-G series, which are known for a construction that makes the most of the properties of both metal and resin.
The MTG-B2000 features a new innovation—the Dual Core Guard Structure—which accentuates the beauty and feel of metal while retaining a mid-sized case. The new Dual Core Guard Structure incorporates a carbon fiber-reinforced resin case, leveraging the lightweight and rigidity of carbon fiber.  Besides the Dual Core Guard Structure, the watch also features a dual structure with a carbon monocoque case that seamlessly integrates the case and case back. This is surrounded by metal frame, giving the watch a refined metal look when viewed straight on and from the sides. Lastly, it comes with a Triple G Resist to resist dropping shocks, centrifugal gravity, and vibration, ensuring toughness.




New Layered-Composite Band with a Bold Look and Excellent Fit
A metal band with fine resin parts offers a bold look and an excellent fit. Metals parts are hollowed out using metal injection molding (MIM), making the MTG-B2000 roughly 15% lighter than the predecessor model (MTG-B1000D). Double slide lever structure makes it effortless to put on and remove the watch.

Solar-Powered Radio Control Module with Bluetooth® for Fast and Precise Time Display
Dual coil motors rapidly adjust the hour, minute, and world time hands, when correcting the time or switching modes. Bluetooth connectivity enables automatic time correction based on standard radio waves, eliminating the need to adjust the time when travelling internationally.

Super Illuminator Ensures Visibility in Dim Conditions
High-luminosity LED light brightly illuminates the dial to ensure visibility in dim conditions.

Sapphire Crystal with Non-Reflective Coating on Inside
Face made from scratch-resistant and clear sapphire glass with a non-reflective coating on inside for viewing clarity.

*Credits to G-SHOCK