Produced in 1963, the Superman was initially developed for diving professionals to become today one of our emblematic signatures. After two years of research and development, technical improvements have been conducted to give birth to the Superman 500.

While preserving its iconic design, this enhanced Superman benefits from a modernized architecture and substantial technical improvements YEMA works now with new local suppliers for a more responsible and better quality production.

The bezel clamp has been redesigned to ensure better

stability with the crown tube. New micro drilling in strategic areas of the case right under the bezel allows for optimized rotation of the bezel click spring and a more precise alignment of the bezel insert.

With a new joint layout, it will now be possible to adjust the setting of the bezel and its bezel lock on the surface of the water. The Superman benefits from a 3 bar seal in the unscrewed crown position representing a major improvement.

While maintaining its thickness of 2.6 mm, the double dome
sapphire crystal has also undergone a change to make it more resistant while retaining the original DNA of the Superman. The height of the glass has been reduced by 0.3 mm while widening by 0.6 mm on its outside diameter.